U.S. Insurer Municipal Bond Update

While municipal bonds have had historically low default rates, some U.S. states and territories have been experiencing financial challenges, with “battered budgets” and revenue shortfalls.

What We Learned From Our A.M. Best and NAIC Panel

What do insurance companies need to keep in mind when working with AM Best and the NAIC?

Q2 2017 Investment Review
Global fixed income markets generated strong gains in the second quarter as bouts of elevated political uncertainty kept a lid on government bond yields.

Insurer Investment Forum XVII Presentations
The Forum brings insurers of all types together for interactive sessions and presentations reviewing vital issues.

Webinars: Insurer Investment Perspectives
Webinars covering important strategies, trends and issues impacting insurers and their investment portfolio.

Preview Newsletter: 8.3.17
The most important developments, news articles, white papers and videos regarding insurers and their investments.

De-Mystifying Factor Investing

As a special addition to the Insurer Investment Forum, SAA President & CEO Alton Cogert spoke with Forum Speaker Chris Gannatti, Wisdom Tree to explain "Factor Investing," and why insurers might consider it.

Watch this detailed 1-on-1 discussion to learn about factor investing and it's potential use in equity portfolios for insurers.

o   What is it? Why is it important?

o   How can it give an insurer an advantage over investing passively or actively?

o   Should it be used by insurers in their equity portfolios?

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View from the Northwest Quadrant

Investment professionals are familiar with the preference for building portfolios that are in the Northwest Quadrant of the risk/reward graph — improved return with lower risk.


The main purpose of this blog is to provide an ongoing commentary on how INSURERS can go beyond the business as usual approach to investments and improve their financial results.

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