Can You Beat an Algorithm Today? Tomorrow?

By Sloane Ortel and Ashby Monk, PhD of the CFA Institute

Today, it’s all about data, algorithms, AI, etc. But, how can these tools best be used to improve investment decision making.

It’s a huge question that will be a while in the answering. Meanwhile, can you beat an algorithm, per the CFA Institute?

"Whether or not you feel like you beat the machine today, it’s worthwhile to have a plan for what happens next so that your organization can fully capitalize on its native strengths.

In our imagination, the word “algorithm” tends to evoke fast-paced and high-stakes processes.

The mundane truth is that the word refers only to a process or set of rules that describe how to accomplish a task. There is no naturally associated time horizon or risk appetite."

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Can You Beat an Algorithm Today? Tomorrow?

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