Manager Select: Core and Intermediate Performance

Core and Intermediate Performance

Given the importance of Core and Intermediate Fixed Income to insurers and their investment programs, review the historical performance of each manager's fixed income strategy. Determine if their performance may align with your company’s investment goals.

Composite Returns

If applicable, Manager Select provides a 10-year history of each manager's Core Fixed Income measured against the Barclays Agg. Index and/or Intermediate Core Fixed Income measured against the Barclays Intermediate G/C. The composite return and underlying weighted average for the trailing quarter, YTD, 1 year, 3 year, etc. are also provided.

Performance can be reviewed individually or compared across several investment managers.

Performance Attribution

We ask every firm to explain their performance attribution. Whether their model portfolio has outperformed or underperformed its benchmark, Manager Select reviews the principal causes. This includes a summarized overview, as well as a breakdown of duration, yield curve, sector allocation and security selection.

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