Manager Select: Administrative Overview

Manager Select: Administrative Overview

What is the value added vs. cost? How will the firm work our investment committee and board of directors? What systems are utilized to insurer the company's portfolio is managed properly? Manager Select provides a complete overview of every manager's administrative information to help you better understand how the firm will work with your company, not just the investment portfolio. 

Fees and Commissions

Manager Select will calculate an estimated fee for each manager based on your insurer's portfolio size. Aside from standard fee schedules, reviews for managers paid via commissions and trailer fees are also provided.

Provided services, such as Schedule D investment accounting, Performance attribution, SVO filing, etc., are not always included in an investment manager's standard fee. Manager Select will indicate which services are included, while providing the fee for services that aren't.

Communication Philosophy with Clients

There are a variety of methods managers use to keep-in-touch with their clients. Manager Select details every firm's philosophy for communication with clients and the Board of Directors, including frequency, description of content and sample investment reporting packages.

Education is also key in any client relationship. Thus, we ask firms to detail all staff & board education opportunities, as well as any internal insurance investment accounting and regulatory experts well versed on GAAP and statutory accounting issues.

Accounting, Compliance and Reporting Systems

Manager Select identifies the automated investment accounting, compliance and internet-based reporting systems utilized by each investment manager, including their frequency and scope.

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