Manager Select: AUM and Development of Business

AUM and Development of Business

When evaluating potential managers, it's important to review how familiar firms are in working with a company of your type and profile. Manager Select provides an overview of every firm's managed assets and development of insurance clients to assist you in evaluating a potential fit.

Assets Under Management

Review every managers AUM both in total and separated by account type, including: insurance fixed income accounts, governmental risk pools, municipal assets, comingled funds, etc. For a more detailed look into each manager's managed assets, Manager Select provides a historical record of each firm's insurance asset business, going back 5 years. The breakdown of development details assets managed in the Governmental Risk Pooling, P/C and Life & Health industries.

Client Overview

Similar to the overview of each firm's AUM, Manager Select provides a review of insurance clients as well. See how the number of pooling, P&C and Life & Health clients has developed over the past five years for every investment manager, including clients lost and gained over the past 12 months. Additionally, the three largest clients, within each of these industries, are provided for review.

For insurers wondering how familiar an investment manager is working with a company of your size, you can also find a breakdown of each firm's client total grouped by asset size.

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