Manager Select: Background Information

Manager Select: Background Information

Begin each manager search with a detailed introduction for each manager within our database. Discover where each firm is located, who to contact, as well as their organizational structure and offered strategies.

Contact Info, Firm Ownership and Insurer Affiliations

Most investment managers have several points of contact. Manager Select directs you to the appropriate contact for each firm and begin the due diligence process.

You can also find a better understanding of each firm's ownership structure, i.e. percent employee owned, managed by, changes in ownership, etc. This also provides a breakdown of any affiliations with other insurance companies and clarifying those relationships,

Fixed Income Strategies Offered

Find the managers providing the fixed income strategies most appropriate for your insurer, including: short, core, long, muni, and crossover.

Organizational Structure and Personnel

The investment team for any investment manager varies in size and structure. Manager Select provides a breakdown of each firm's investment team by both position and quantity. This includes an overview of recent personnel changes, compensation structure and key investment professionals.

Most importantly you can review how each client relationship is managed and covered by the firm's personnel.

Litigation History and Code of Ethics

Transparency is key. Manager Select ensures you are aware of each manager's litigation history, past or present. This includes any parents, subsidiary or affiliated personnel. If provided, you can also find a copy of each firm's Code of Ethics.

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