How Does Your Portfolio Compare to Similar Insurers?

Peer companies are selected based upon them having similar sized portfolios and writing similar lines of business as defined by their annual statements. At your request, we will also perform similar analysis using data from other companies selected by you.

SAA's Peer Group Analysis is provided to all SAA Partner Clients and SAA Members.

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SAA's Structured Peer Group

What Does this Show About Your Portfolio:

This chart broadly illustrates the risk appetite of your peers relative to surplus and where their risk is allocated. As provided by public filings compiled by SNL Securities, this chart provides a comparison to companies that are closest to your company based upon primary lines of business and portfolio size.

Bonds Rated BBB/Surplus

High Yield/Surplus

Common Stock/Surplus

Corporate Bond Average Maturity (Years)

What Does this Show About Your Portfolio:

This chart displays what your company's average maturity is for each credit rating bucket relative to your peers within your corporate bond allocation. This is a measurement in years for how long it takes for the price of a bond to be repaid by its internal cash flows. Bonds with higher maturities carry more interest rate risk and have higher price volatility. Combining more interest rate risk with a lower credit profile could also be a concern.

Corporate Bond Rating Allocation

What Does this Show About Your Portfolio:

This chart indicates your company's allocation to corporate bonds broken down by credit rating category relative to your peers. Corporate bonds are typically higher risk than government bonds which typically leads to higher yields. The lower an issuer's credit quality, the more costly it becomes to issue debt due to its increased chances of default.

Risk Assets/Surplus

Financial Leverage

Operating Leverage