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Update: Peer Group Analysis

We have added a Regression Line to the "Expected Return vs. Risk" charts of our Peer Analysis, which is also a complimentary benefit of InsurerCIO (if available).

If you would like to receive your insurer's peer analysis and/or discuss it on a brief call, please contact Eriver Eugenio at
Finding the It Factor
By Jeff Roberts of Best's Review

"Insurers have rediscovered factor investing, with many forecasting an increase in allocations, while others wonder if it's merely a fad."

Danger in Using the US Agg as a Benchmark
by Benjamin Christensen and David Lebovitz / JP Morgan Asset Management

Danger for core fixed income investors: Why using the US Agg for your fixed income benchmark is a terrible, terrible idea.

How Should Constrained Insurers Approach Asset Allocation?
AAM - Insurance Investment Management

We spoke with AAM to discuss the asset allocation approach for constrained insurance companies. Highlights from the discussion include important ERM considerations, corporate governance best practices and portfolio re-balancing.

China on the Edge
via The Strategic News Service

What much of the press is saying about the trade war with China is off the mark, per SNS. Could the bludgeon of tariffs successfully impact China's IP theft?

Insurance Linked Securities - NAIC Primer
NAIC Capital Markets Bureau

The basics about Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) from the NAIC

Update and Outlook on Bank Loans
Eaton Vance Investment Team

We spoke with the Eaton Vance investment team to discuss the current state and outlook on Bank Loans. Highlights from the discussion include the market's fundamentals, the Fed's rising rate policy and how bank loans have been impacted by the CLO market and underlying covenants.

Capital Market Opportunities in a Post-QE World
New England Asset Management

Sean Conaghan, NEAM, spoke at the Insurer Investment Forum XVIII to share their investment views, including commentary on portfolio positioning, fixed income sectors, and the possible implications of a reversal in central bank policy. We spoke with Sean again to discuss the various updates and changes that occurred since March.

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