Structured Securities in a Post-Crisis World
As a special addition to the Insurer Investment Forum, we spoke with Forum Speaker Jennifer Quisenberry, NEAM to explain "Structured Securities" and how relative to other fixed income assets, structured securities continue to offer incremental return and portfolio benefits for insurance companies.

De-Mystifying Factor Investing

We spoke with Forum Speaker Chris Gannatti, WisdomTree to explain "Factor Investing," it's importance and how insurers can gain an advantage.

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Factor investing research a bubble? Factor investing another way to garner the value factor?  Or? 
Q2 2017 Quarterly Review
Global Equities and Fixed Income Gains Continue

Global equity markets advanced in Q2. A strong corporate earnings season and generally positive economic data supported gains, while political risk eased in Europe. Global fixed income markets generated strong gains in Q2 as bouts of elevated political uncertainty kept a lid on government bond yields.

More New Rating Agency Criteria from AM Best

Latest from A.M. Best on revised rating agency criteria. Expect Q4 implementation, they say.

Insurer's Schedule BA Focus on Private Equity, Hedge Funds and Real Estate

This special report analyzes U.S. insurer exposure to "other long-term invested assets," as reported on Schedule BA, focusing on joint ventures, partnerships and limited liability companies (LLCs) that have the underlying characteristics of common stock (primarily private equity funds, or PE), real estate (primarily real estate funds, or RE, not including mortgages) or "other" (primarily hedge funds, or HF), as they are the significant component of insurer investments in other long-term invested assets.

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