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Complete Preview into the Insurer Investment Forum

If it's not AM Best's BCAR and Methodology changes, it's a new Fed tax bill that can make tax-exempt investments less attractive. The credit cycle has not been repealed, so rising rates and QT may see rising credit risk.  And, by the way, who can forget about equity market volatility with the news incessantly crying about thousand plus point swings in the Dow?

SAA has detailed a full preview of each session and panel taking place at the conference, discussing how they will address the most current and most interesting investment issues for insurers.

Investments More Important Than Ever for P/C Insurers: 105 Combined Ratio Last Year
via Best's Market Segment Report

The next time someone at your insurer says, 'Investments are not as important as insurance premiums and underwriting,' you can point to this from A.M. Best - 105 P/C combined ratio means more reliance on investment yield and performance than ever before.

Do You Know The Hidden Risks of ETFs?
via CFA Institute

Did you know that well known high yield and corporate bond ETFs materially underperformed their passive indices? How about liquidity differences between the ETF and its underlying securities?

Happy (and Not So Happy) New Year Changes for Insurer Investments
via SAA

As 2018 dawns, insurers face some rather interesting changes, real or potential, that can cause a slight rethinking of investment strategies. And, of course, these will not apply to all insurers, or all insurers in the same way. So, please remember to always contact a professional before acting on any of these ideas.

How to Evaluate Investment Management Fees
via the CFA Institute

CFA Institute cautions all investors to fully understand how and where (hidden or not) fees are paid for investment management. Focus on Fees explains different fee rubrics and their advantages/disadvantages to the investor. Is it time to ask, "Where are the customer's yachts?"

So Long, And Thanks for All the QE: Chair Yellen Spills the Punch Bowl
by R. Christopher Whalen of the Institutional Risk Analyst

Lots more than meets the eye, per Whalen, with new Fed Chair, increased US borrowing, global debt concerns, etc.  And who is really the majority owner of Deutsche Bank?  Is it time for the old Dandy Don refrain, "Turn out the lights..the party's over?"

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